April 2020 Cancellations

Due to the continued Corona Virus concerns the April 101st meeting AND the April VA Pizza Party are both cancelled
The next VA Pizza Party will be in October, date to be determined.
Please check your email and our facebook page for further updates in the coming weeks as the pandemic situation develops. 
Next Chapter Meeting (tentative)
Saturday, May 16th (third Saturday)
1:00pm – 3:00pm
American Legion Post 261
840 South Washington Ave.

Piscataway, NJ 08854
All are welcome! Lunch and beverages served at every meeting.
Upcoming 2020 Meetings (tentative) 
May 16 (third Saturday)
June – No meeting (annual picnic)
July 25
August 22
September 26
October 24
November 21
December – No meeting (banquet)

2 thoughts on “April 2020 Cancellations

  1. Jerry lange

    Mr. Fallon, My name is Jerry Lange and I’m a Lifetime member of the 101st Abn DIV Association. I want to inform you that this coming 11-7-2020 5 villages on Long Island NY are holding a 75th anniversary celebration of Victory in WW II. We have 4 main speakers for the event. Mr. Vincent Speranza of H co. 501st PIR 101st Abn Div. Is one of them. The event will kick off with a parade then end in a park in LYNBROOK NY. We have Vince along with a Tuskegee airman flyer from the famous Red Tail fighters representing the Atlantic theatre of the war along with an IWO JIMA Marine and a man who enlisted in the Navy at 15 years of age only to get booted out in a month. He then discovered he could LEGALLY join the US Merchant Marine at 15 and did so. These two gentlemen are representing the Pacific Theatre of WW II. We also expect Korean War Veterans, Vietnam veterans, Bosnia veterans and younger warriors from Desert Storm forward. Any profit from this endeavor will be going towards helping the 5000 homeless veterans in the NYC area! I was hoping that your chapter may want to participate in this great event? My reach # is 516 509 2633 and I hope we can speak at your convenience. I have official information about this celebration but I can’t attach to this message.

    Jerry Lange



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